SMART DIMENSIONS GENERAL TRADING is a recently established company manned with a selection of highly experienced technical experts, and entrepreneur consultants in accounting, business development, marketing, e-Commerce and communications.

We serve our customers in the best by having technical support and sales offices in Baghdad and Erbil, and soon all over Iraq. Empowered with technical and business experts with LEVANT and GCC experience ranging from 12 to 30 years.

Our vision strongly focuses on results-oriented, enhancing, and streamlining our customers’ business for our planned and developed products.


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Mercato, Our Flagship Product

Mercato is a powerful and simple B2B platform developed with the vision of increasing the level of visibility and control in all orders management operations and the successful relationship between the company and its customers.

Customers will use Mercato App to create their orders as well follow-up the offers simultaneously for each company they are linked to through one platform with no need to install many applications on their mobile devices.

Companies will benefit from owning their own channel with their customers on a ready-to-go effective platform supported by the Mercato team which will relieve their time and money in producing their own App.

Whatever your company’s activity and the customers you are heading to, you will find many of them using Mercato effectively and they will be happy to see your company on the platform.

If your company gets the advantage of linking the platform to your ERP, then you have definitely closed the cycle by having an accurate, reliable, and continuous relationship with your customers without the need to repeat the work and the accompanying human errors in the data entry …Then You are already running your business through an integrated system

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